25 April, 2017


Here you will find all OERCO2 documents on reports of the project.

O1/A1: Study of environmental regulations in all of the sectors involved related to construction and level of implementation in participant countries of the project. (now available!)

O1/A2: Study of Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) of construction sector in participant countries. (now available!)

O1/A3: Study of methodologies applied in calculation of CO2 emissions in construction processes. (now available!)

O1/A4: Production of common European curricula on specialisation of methodology for calculation of CO2 emissions of construction works throughout the entire life cycle of buildings and techniques for its mitigation. (now available!)

O2/A1: Production of the OER. (now available!)

O2/A2: Testing of the OER.

O2/A3: Implementation of a pilot course on specialisation based on the OERCO2 project.

O3/A1: Production of the Online Tool for calculation of CO2 emissions in construction works.

O3/A2: Testing of Interactive Tool.


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